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Depending on our terms + agreements in contract, these prices and values may vary. Please contact me with any questions or inquiries

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UGC Videos

High Quality Video either shot on an iPhone or DSLR- providing your desired content requirements 

1 UGC Video: $125

3 UGC Videos: $225

5 UGC Videos: $525

Collecting cameras is my hobby. When I g

UGC Photos

High Quality Photographs either shot on an iPhone or DSLR- providing desired content requirements

3 UGC Photos: $125

6 UGC Photos: $225

9 UGC Photos: $325

Photo Equipment

Monthly Plan + Bundles

Depending on our client agreement, prices + amounts may vary. Please inquire about photo/video bundles as well

8 UGC Videos: $950

12 UGC Videos: $1300

20 UGC Videos: $2200


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So, Why Me?

With 5 years of content creation experience in the fashion, travel and wellness industries- I carry great attention to detail for what your brand is asking for, and what customers are seeking. I know how to build a connection with the viewer and capture their attention within the first 3 seconds of a video. Or shooting a photo that ignites a feeling. I'm passionate about creating meaningful, authentic work that brands can utilize for connection with their soul mate customers. 

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