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Hi, I'm Nico

AKA: Eco Nico. Left brain thinker, right brain visionary

I'm happy you made it here, hopefully for the same reason I am-User Generated Content! I'm a passionate content creator specializing in UGC with a firm belief that a customer is going to make informed purchases provided by credible sources. Those sources being, real people like me. User Generated Content. I'm an artist at heart with a keen eye for design, marketing, and consumer trends

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Why Me For the Job? 

Not only am I passionate about delivering quality products to customers, I'm passionate about the way the message is created and perceived. A lot of time, energy and effort goes into my work.

I sell: a solution, result, feeling, lifestyle and look. I provide high quality, authentic content that leaves the consumer with the answers they've been curious about, and provide a call to action for them to execute their purchase. 


With the first 3 seconds, I aim to ignite a question in the audience that only the video can answer: cliff-hangers, solutions, fast moving and exciting content. I ensure the content is visually inviting and leaves the viewers wanting more! 

I'm also very passionate about taking care of our planet.

Brands that I most align with could fall under the categories of:

Clean Beauty + Bath

Sustainable + Ethical Fashion


Travel + Food 

Home + Lifestyle 

Sustainable + Eco-Friendly Product Lines

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